Drone Aerial Scenes

Make your listing stand out from the competition! Include HomeScenes.com Aerial Scenes at just $75 when ordered with a property tour ($139 when ordered independently)! Home Buyers love to see the layout of the property! Aerial scenes are great for golf or lake properties, hillside properties, homes with acreage / pastures / rivers / lakes / pools, etc.

Our drone operators are FAA certified, experienced and insured. This order item includes up to 4 aerial scenes of the views from the airspace above the specified property. Scroll down to view a few examples of our work.

Please Note: Depending on the availability of the certified drone operator, aerial scenes may be shot at the time of the property tour shoot or at a later time. Weather conditions such as wind speeds, air moisture content as well as trees, power lines, crowds of people, etc. may delay or prevent the launching of the drone. Other conditions such as surrounding property restrictions, FAA rules, etc. may dictate whether or not the drone can actually be flown over your listing. If for any reason the drone cannot be launched above and/or around your property, you will receive a full refund on the prepaid fee.